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“Try Everything Once…Except That”

As today is M.E Awareness Day one of the Sam and M.E committee members, Lynsey Murray, takes a look back at every lotion, potion and treatment she has tried over the last 4 years of living with M.E.

Over the last 4 years I have become a Guinea Pig for the Sam and M.E support group. Willing to try everything and anything (well apart from that, God no one wants to do that) in the hope that one day I will be cured and be able to live a healthy life again. Today I have decided to reflect on my experiences.

As advised by medical professionals:

1. GET- Graded Exercise Therapy.  

Helpful?  Pfft No not particularly. Most exercise exasperates condition. Could be helpful though if going back to basics like learning to use legs again for example. But not so helpful during a flare up. 



2.CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  

Initially I thought, “I do not have a behavioural issue”, however as ever I was willing to give it a go. Mainly focused on pacing techniques and management of symptoms. Helpful? In some ways but only regarding how to deal with having M.E not how to control or alleviate symptoms. This is not a treatment or a cure for M.E and should not be billed as one. It helped me accept my condition that is all.



3. Pain Management-Standard Pain Medication.

Can be helpful-although some days not so much.




4. Citalopram- for anxiety/ mild depression.

As with many sufferers becoming unwell continuously affects mental state-understandably. Helpful on a day to day basis of coping with the illness. Doesn’t feel particularly helpful on a bad day.


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As advised by myself, word of mouth and the internet:

1. Chiropractor.

Very understanding and helpful practitioner but expensive. Helped with stretching of muscles which in turn helped with spasms and pain. Was shown some techniques for back etc. Spent around £650 over a two year period! Worth it?


2. Nutritionalist- diet, gluten free suggested.

Tried faithfully for around 6-8 weeks. Possibly helped with energy. However not enough for me to carry on. Can be time consuming and expensive- if had seen a definite improvement I would have continued.




3. Acupuncture- Had 4 Sessions.

Did not feel any difference at all-that I can remember. 




4. Aloe Vera Gel.

I have never in my life and I am 30, tasted anything so repulsive! Cannot even begin to explain this vile creation, and the aftertaste is even worse. Again because I am so determined to try anything I managed to take this about 8 times. Which is incredible considering how disgusting it actually is. If you have a strong stomach this is apparently good for inflammation.



5. Juice plus capsules.

Currently trying these, not for diet control purposes but for well being  and possible improvement of immune system.



Tried several years ago and felt the practitioner was shite is that PC? Tried again a few months ago with a different practitioner and she is fantastic! I found this technique helps initially and lasts around 1-2 days. Normally tired afterwards however sleep well at night and feel a bit more energetic- a wee spring in my step. Would be good if have big plans the next day ie full day wedding, holiday, party. However not long lasting and expensive around £30 per session.






7. Yoga.

Low impact exercise when feel physically strong enough. Helpful on a good day. Not helpful on bad days. Light stretches soothe aching muscles and relaxation helps with sleep. And remember the Sam and ME Yoga Class takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month @7pm in the Pivot Centre in Moodiesburn (yes that was a plug).




8. Massage.

Extremely helpful if joints and muscles are particularly painful. Deep massage lasts longer. Again though not long lasting and pricey.




9.Vitamin supplements

To support immune system. Took for around 3 months, seen/felt no evidence of improvement. 




10. Support Group.

Best treatment so far. With people who completely understands the brain fog, the concentration issues, the pain, the extreme never ending tiredness and so on. Why not come along to ours!


11. Reflexology.

Next on my hitlist. Fingers crossed.





*Please keep in mind above are my experiences of certain “treatments” and under no circumstances should any of it be taken as Gospel.