Sam & ME Support Group

Sam and M.E Support Group meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the Pivot Centre in Moodiesburn. We don’t claim to be able to offer a cure, we are just a group of suffers wanting to provide support to ME Sufferers and their families. Our motto is “Stay positive and laugh as often as you can”.

For those who cant make it along to meetings but would like to talk to people who understand what they are going through, they can contact us at or drop us an email and we will keep you up to date with all future meetings.

Our Support Group is over seen by The Sam and M.E Support Group Committee who are:

Lynsey Murray – Treasurer

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Lynsey was diagnosed with M.E in 2010, however had symptoms several years before the diagnosis. She works part time in social care and has a baby boy. She hopes to raise awareness, better understanding of the illness and use her current career skills to help people in the local area who have M.E one day. Lynsey’s calm and relaxed personality makes her the ideal candidate for Treasurer




Samantha McInnes – Chairperson


Sam is the founder, author and face of the Sam and M.E Blog. Having suffered from M.E for over 5 years, she knows all to well highs and lows of living with this condition. Sam’s aim is to change the negative perceptions of M.E. one person at a time and raise money for the group by doing incredibly stupid things, such as jumping off bridges.




Laura Strachan – Secretary


Laura was diagnosed with post viral disability in 1998 after a having the flu. She then spent 5 years with a misdiagnosis of an under active thyroid, was told she was pre-menopausal in 2005, then fully menopausal in 2007. It was only after the drugs didn’t work and many blood tests later that Laura was finally diagnosed with ME/CFS. Laura is the one who brings order to the Sam and M.E Support Group, she can also talk for Britain.




The Constitution of The Sam and M.E. Support Groupcan be viewed by clicking the link.